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Delayed Births

Delayed Birth Records, recorded after 1941.

Description: Delayed Birth Certificates were authorized by a law passed by the Pennsylvania General Assembly in 1941 to provide proof of birth for persons who were born prior to 1906. Delayed birth records can be corrections made to the county birth registers from 1893 to 1906. It can also be entries for births that were not recorded between 1893 and 1906. Some entries may date prior to 1893. In all cases, the person must be alive in 1941.

Content: Delayed Births lists the persons name, sex, race, present residence, date and place of birth, type of birth (single, twin, plural, legitimate or illegitimate). Also contains parents' biographical information, such as race, birthplace, age at time of child's birth, occupation, mother's maiden name, number of children born to mother and number of children now living. May contain certification by doctor, midwife, priest or minister, along with affidavits by one relative and two non-relatives that the facts are correct. The record may also contain a copy of the following: baptismal record, voter's registration card, insurance papers, family Bible entries and marriage application.


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