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Insolvent Debtors

Insolvent debtors, 1845-1946

Description: Individuals, who become insolvent but have not made an assignment for the benefits of creditors, may have files in the Insolvent Debtors record series. A record of the Prothonotary's office, these files pertain to two types of indebted individuals. First, there are those people who have been found guilty of a criminal action. Those individuals are imprisoned and are not permitted to leave prison until all fines and court costs have been paid in full. The prisoner, because of said imprisonment, cannot pay the fines and proceedings in full. Therefore, the prisoner must apply for relief under the insolvent laws of the county. Secondly, there are those individuals who have become insolvent and have made no effort to pay their debts. In these cases, a Receiver will be appointed and bonded to perform this task. All property, personal and real, will be turned over to the receiver for the use of the insolvents creditors. The receiver will in turn keep an accounting of all of the money or assets received or to be received in regards to the estate. The receiver will also maintain and produce a schedule of distribution and is responsible for the distribution of funds to the creditors if they become available.

Content: The files of Insolvent Debtors may include the following information: the name of the insolvent, the insolvent's residence and the date of the proceedings. A statement of debts due with the names of the creditors and accompanying amounts owed each creditor will also be found. The file should also include a statement of causes for the indebtedness and the extent of losses. All accountings and inventories associated with the estate will also be found.


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