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Constable Returns

Constable Returns, August 1854 - April 1935.

Description: Constable returns are preprinted forms that were returned to the judges of the Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace. These were completed quarterly, so there should be four returns per local municipality per year. There are many gaps in this series and the forms are rarely filled out completely.

Content: The constable returns include the township, borough and ward, the month and year the return is for, and the signature of the constable. Other information may also include the conditions of the roads and bridges in said township. Here you may find the names of landowners listed. Tavern keepers, tippling and gambling houses, as well as disturbances at elections are recorded. Also recorded are bastard children born. Usually, you will find the names of the mother and the gender of the child. Sometimes the man’s name is also included.


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